Here Tech launches route planning solution in India with free access for SMEs

Here Technologies has launched its route planning solution, WeGo Deliver, in India to enable businesses optimise the delivery of goods and services. Targeted at SMEs that are already stressed due to the ongoing crisis, it will allow businesses to plan and dispatch a delivery service without worrying about software development or implementation cost.

The company has made access to WeGo Deliver free of charge to any small or medium-sized business until 2021.

“Manually organising and sequencing multiple delivery stops and drivers is time-consuming and the margin for human error is significant. WeGo Deliver makes it simple for both the business owner and driver by easy uploading, optimising, viewing and dispatching of routes through a web-based dashboard,” Christoph Herzig, head of fleet applications at Here Technologies said in a press statement.

Users can upload their order destinations and number of drivers to the online planning dashboard and the solution will optimise each route and delivery sequence for them.

Drivers can get their delivery route by email and can access the delivery route end points in the Here WeGo mobile app, which is available as free download on App Store and Play Store.

Nikhil Kumar, country head of India at Here Technologies explains that lack of economic activity caused by the covid-19 has particularly hurt retailers and restaurants that rely on foot traffic. At the same time, demand for delivery services has skyrocketed while small businesses face the challenges of keeping their employees working using their limited digital infrastructure.

WeGo Deliver is already being used by Casual Mondays, a coffee shop in Australia, to turn into an online grocery business. “When shutdowns started, we knew we had to move into delivery service fast. We found the process of organising and entering all the addresses tedious. It took around 2 hours to load. Since using the app, this admin time has decreased significantly, now only taking 15 minutes. It’s all taken care of by the app. Our deliveries are much easier to manage now,” Robert Reid, the owner of Casual Mondays said.

In India, Here Technologies is in initial rounds of discussion with various SMEs, supply chains and hospitality trade associations such as Confederation of Indian Industry, Laghu Udyog Bharti and Federation of Small & Medium Industries.

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