Maya Delilah shares the vibrant and quirky music video for ‘i’m just stupid’, the fourth track taken from her upcoming debut EP. The video for the soulful single is full of fun and imagination, animated with images drawn by Maya and her fans.

Made during lockdown in London, Maya and her manager, Ryan, decided they had to get inventive in order to bring ‘i’m just stupid’ to life. “As we are in quarantine with a lot of time to spare, I knew I was able to put a lot of work into this video and wanted to make something super creative with zero budget,” Maya explains. “I had been shown Hobo Johnson’s music video for his song ‘Ugly Kid’ and wanted to adopt the green-screen playful style to match the playful nature of ‘i’m just stupid’.”

The cute colourful drawings featured in the video are all made by Maya and her fans: “I do a lot of art in my spare time, so I figured it would be fun to draw all the sets for each scene. We also ended up getting fans involved by asking them to send in drawings too, which I love.”

The video-making process wasn’t all easy though. Ryan adds “the big challenge we faced was that I’m in the States, and Maya is in London. So, after a lot of brainstorming and even more Facetime filming and editing sessions, this is what we came up with! We are super hyped about it! I’m glad I’ve done a lot of editing in the past as this video wasn’t easy, so it helped a lot.”

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